Klaus and caroline fanfiction claimed

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Klaus and caroline fanfiction claimed

Right before the start of the next semester I'm kind of crazy, don't judge me. Just as with Circuit Break, this fic won't have a set update schedule, but if the way I'm planning it currently stays the same, it'll be pretty short the chapters will also be on the shorter side, sorry. It takes place about two months post-Klarosex, but anything post-Klarosex isn't canon I don't know if that makes sense.

She'd made a good decision with this one, she thought as her back arched slightly. The frat boy was handsome and blonde, well built, and apparently was very talented with his mouth. There was no spark—there really never was with anyone anymore—but he made up for it with raw fucking talent.

She'd broken up with Tyler weeks ago—after the whole Klaus fiasco—and she was honestly kind of relieved. He hadn't been around and she was now single, which meant that she could do single-people things.

Like getting her brains fucked out by a frat boy. She knew that she wasn't ready for a relationship yet.

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She and Tyler had been together for a long time, but when frat-boy-that-could-do-that-thing-with-his-tongue-that-she-really-liked note to self: teach that to future lovers second, less welcome, note to self: Klaus totally knew that tongue thing already, and she hypothetically wouldn't have to teach him anything third note to self: Stop thinking about Klaus asked her out for lunch the next day, she smiled and accepted.

It was a little out of order, the fucking-then-dating thing, she means, but she needed a distraction, things had been pretty quiet since Katherine died, after all, and even though she knew it wouldn't go anywhere because, as she previously mentioned, there was literally no spark at allshe was content to use him as hers.

He heard a faint snort from the back room and some puttering around before an old woman poked her head out to look at him. He gave her a cold look. I've read about similar curse symptoms in werewolf lore. Have you heard of anything similar? He growled at the witch, who looked like she was trying not to laugh.

I'll go put the kettle on. Klaus sighed but followed her, knowing he wasn't going to get all that much information otherwise. Priscilla was…well, she wasn't exactly a friend, but she was about as close to that title as one could get. They had met over a hundred years before, and he was rather fond of her in the way that one might appreciate a goldfish that wouldn't have the decency to die after he got bored of it, but was occasionally useful as entertainment on a rainy day.Mystic Falls was boring despite the fact that it had its share of supernatural residents.

The reason being it was so quiet was because everyone pretty much kept to themselves and never felt the need to cause any trouble. The vampires mostly used blood bags keeping themselves low key in the public eye and knowing enough to stay inside on full moons as did most of the population of the small town to keep out of the way of the werewolves.

Considering there were only three werewolves it wasn't that much of a hardship for no one got hurt on those nights. Caroline, Tyler and Jeremy made up the werewolf population of Mystic Falls, each of them responsible for ending a life at one time or another to triggering their werewolf curse. Caroline was the alpha much to her surprise, although not to the surprise to her circle of friends given how bossy and controlling she was. She was the alpha of her pack that wasn't really a pack in the traditional sense of the word since it consisted of not only werewolves but humans, vampires and a witch.

This was mostly due to the fact that Caroline's friends were her family and as her family they made up her pack. The group knew how much Caroline loved all of them so they took it in stride when she would boss them around or get super protective.

klaus and caroline fanfiction claimed

Although it was when she would baby them is when they would usually protest, which she ignored as being the alpha of her pack she did what she thought was right for her little family and they loved her all the same for it. Trouble was first heralded by rumors of an alpha werewolf who had declared himself the King of all werewolves and was wandering from pack to pack asserting his dominance and making the current alpha submit or killing the alpha and taking control of the pack either way.

Caroline had thought her own little pack was small enough and odd enough to fly under this world dominating supposed werewolf King's radar but he proved her wrong when he came into town because it was the oddity of her little pack that drew him. Klaus found it fascinating that a pack such as Caroline's existed, the fact that an alpha had the loyalty of not only the wolves but that of vampires, humans and a witch.

Not only was the pack an oddity they were powerful. Klaus had heard the stories about the threats that had come up against them and were quickly put down; it was what drew him to Mystic Falls. Klaus found himself wanting the loyalty and power that Caroline had with her pack. With them at his call it would only reinforce his right to be King.

He couldn't rely on his usual method to gain the loyalty of her pack, which usually entailed killing or making the alpha submit as Caroline's pack was not just wolves so they would never submit to him if he forced their alpha to. He needed another strategy in order to gain what was hers and the way to make it happen was to make her his.

klaus and caroline fanfiction claimed

The plan was simple enough, seduce her and make her swear loyalty to him and he would therefore have the loyalty and power of her pack as well. After all he was the alpha male, most bitches were in heat just looking at him, so one alpha female shouldn't be that hard to seduce. Yet where most female werewolves swooned, Caroline scoffed. His pretty words and expensive gifts that would have any female wolf in his bed were thrown in his face.

Caroline was testing his patience daily with her constant rebuffs of his suit, frustrating him to no end. To add to his frustration when his wolves got out of line threatening either the people of the town or one of her pack she quickly put them back in their place.

She was a true alpha female in every sense of the word. She also wasn't afraid to confront Klaus either, getting in his face about keeping a short leash on his pack or she would be more than happy to do it for him, which made him almost bristle with anger at her sheer audacity to challenge him so openly. It was the fact the she was challenging him that his feelings for her started to shift. Her heart was supposed to just be collateral damage but he actually started to feel something for her.

She was honest and didn't cow to him out of some play to gain favor or his mercy, which earned his respect. He found himself drawn to how full of light she was despite her position of power and most of all he admired her strength.

The fact that she was breathtaking made things that much worse for him. He found himself soon catering to her, wanting to gain her favor, a smile, hell even a glance would do.

It was the fact that she was a challenge that drew him.This a story I thought of when I saw the Originals trailer. I would like to thank my beta southernbellewv for looking over it. I hope you enjoy this first chapter. It was a Monday night and Klaus sat at the bar having a drink. The Grill was unusually full considering what day it was. Things had not been going as he wanted them to.

He had just returned from his trip to New Orleans and in addition to tracking down the witches that were conspiring against him, he also met his old friend Marcel. He took another sip from his glass.

Marcel had everything he ever wanted, power, family and loyalty. He wanted it all back; he wanted to be king. He looked around the grill when he spotted his favourite blonde vampire. Caroline, she looked so radiant and happy. Even though it made him uneasy that he let Tyler come into town for the prom night, it made her happy, so he would let it go. Their friendship had developed a little.

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He was amused that she had come to him for a dress and from that he could say that he held a small place in her heart as a friend. He wanted to develop this relationship further but right now he didn't have the time. He needed to figure out New Orleans first. As he took another sip from his glass, a waitress came up to him.

She looked kind of dazed. Niklaus Mikaelson? That's strange; no one called him Niklaus here. He was always known as Klaus. If it is okay, may I bring her to you? Klaus smiled. She was good. Only Red would compel a waitress asking to see him and her timing was impeccable. It was as if she knew exactly when he needed her.Caroline whirled around at the sound, hands curling into small fists, her face a beautiful mask of anger.

I am the alpha. I shall employ her talents as I see fit. Caroline snarled and darted forward, her hands at his chest as she shoved him hard against the wall. Golden curls fell across her shoulders as she tilted her head back, lifting herself up on her toes to bring her face level to his. You are my mate. Anything that involves the pack involves me. A low growl emanated from his chest as he switched their positions.

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Her body hit the wall with a thud, had she been human the force of the movement would have knocked her out, however she was a wolf and her body could take the punishment. Klaus pressed himself tightly against her, molding ever single soft curve to the hard planes of his body. Caroline felt her stomach flutter with lust at the feel of him against her, the excitement of the challenge rushing through the both of them. Giving him a hard glare Caroline pressed her hands against his chest and pushed forward, driving him back, step by step until his knees hit the edge of the bed and he fell back onto the mattress.

He didn't even have a chance to bounce as she was on him within moments, her legs straddling his hips as she circled his throat with her hand and squeezed.

Those plump raspberry lips that begged to be ravaged. Her kisses were rough, demanding and dominating. She claimed him as her own, her tongue sliding along his as she held him close to her. Klaus surged up, his hips pushing forward to grind his hardened cock into her core sending a wave of arousal through her body as his hands curled around her arms, squeezing hard enough to leave bruises in the shape of his hands, their fight for dominance just getting started.

Flipping them over he thrusted his hips against hers once more causing her to moan in pleasure, her knees automatically lifting to cradle him between her thighs. Her hand slid from his throat up along his jaw and then drove into his curls, tugging his head roughly back breaking their kiss and exposing the succulent skin of his throat. Leaning up she attacked his neck teeth and tongue worked along the strained muscles of his neck, stopping once she reached his pulse point, pausing to suck on the skin hard enough to leave a mark before she bit down hard, drawing a snarl from Klaus and driving him back.

Pulling her hand from his hair he took both of her wrists in one hand and lifted them up and over her head, pinning them to the bed. Caroline growled in protest as she arched up, snapping at him with her teeth.

Klaus just squeezed the hand around her wrists that much tighter, his other hand slipping just under her shirt and squeezing the silky flesh sending a shudder through her body at the feel of his rough hand against her skin.

Klaus leaned forward as his hand slid further up her body, pausing once or twice to drag his nails across her skin and drawing breathy little moans from her bow pink lips, finally stopping his ascent when his hand reached its destination: her laced covered breast. He cupped it in his hand, feeling its weight before giving it a vicious squeeze causing Caroline to arch and cry out.

Klaus tilted his head as he observed her face, enjoying the mix of pain and pleasure he gave her. Leaning down, bringing his face that much closer to hers he dragged his tongue from point of her chin, across her lips to the tip of her nose, his blue eyes dark with lust and aggression. I made you my mine the morning I claimed you as my mate, Caroline. Before Caroline could reply he pressed his lips to hers in a bruising kiss.

His tongue flicked across her lips, tasting them as he pressed his hard body against hers.You didn't have to punch him Klaus. Klaus growled softly and pulled Caroline away before she could touch the man, his arms going around her and pulling her tightly against his chest.

They had decided to go out to The Mystic Grill for the evening instead of staying locked up in Caroline's bedroom. Ever since Klaus had claimed Caroline as his mate he had done nothing but keep her in bed, fucking her six ways from Sunday simply unable to get enough of the blonde beauty.

As much as Caroline loved doing very naughty things with her lover she needed to get out and do something that wasn't sex. He resisted of course but she managed to get him out of the house by guilting him in to taking her out, saying something along the lines of him only wanting her for her body.

The entire pack had decided to accompany Klaus and Caroline much to Klaus' dismay because he just wanted alone time with his girl. Caroline of course was delighted to have the pack with them and the pack of course happy to be with their King and his Queen.

Their night out was filled with drinks, dancing and laughter. The girls of course were the only ones who were dancing, singing, jumping and swaying with each song played. Any men that approached the group of girls the males of the pack quickly directed them elsewhere. Klaus making sure to send death glares at anyone caught looking at his Queen.

He had been in the middle of ordering another scotch, his drink of choice that had been keeping him somewhat sane when he noticed that Caroline was no longer in the bar.

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He was out the door in moments, sniffing the air trying to catch the scent of his mate. He caught her scent somewhere towards the back of the building; he was back there within moments only to bear witness to some male trying to pick up his girl. His vision went red and the next think he knew the man was knocked out cold and his girl was screeching at him.

Caroline rolled her eyes at his response and tried to move away from him, but his arms tightened around her holding her in place. His kisses were rough and possessive, his fingers threading through her blonde curls and he angled her face to allow him better access to her mouth. Caroline responded almost immediately, her tongue flicking against his as she pressed her body tightly against his, her arms curling around his neck as she moaned against his mouth.

Klaus whispered against her lips before dropping down to the soft skin of her neck, licking, biting, sucking, and his ministrations paid off in eliciting delectable little sounds from her. She sighed, gasped and moaned his name causing him to redouble his efforts in making her nothing but quivering mess of limbs. He thanked whatever nameless god that his mate had decided to wear a skirt for their evening out. She rolled her hips against his bulge, her fingers tugging impatiently at his hair as she drew his face up for another searing kiss.

Every inch of her body felt like it was on fire and it left her wanting more. She needed his touch; she needed to feel his body that was a combination of muscle and sinew against her own. He ripped the panties off her body and then pulled at his belt, Caroline fumbling against his hands as they both struggled to pull off his jeans. His pants and boxers dropped to his feet and he felt Caroline's legs to wrap a little tighter around his waist, his need teasing the folds of her core.

Caroline pleaded as she cupped his face, bringing her lips to his in another soul consuming kiss. Klaus groaned as their lips broke apart, his eyes searching his mates as he waited for her to submit once more to him, to acknowledge that she was his and his alone.

Caroline whispered in a breathless plea as she rolled her hips against his erection, ready to beg him if need be. Klaus growled at the feel of her silken heat against his cock and positioned himself at her entrance and plunged inside of her, both Klaus and Caroline giving sighs of pleasure at becoming one once more. His movements were rough and possessive, moving forward and pinning his mate against the wall, holding Caroline's arms above her head as he pushed into her over and over again.

Please, harder. He pounded harder into her, their bodies slapping together, her hands slipping under the back of his shirt dragging her nails down his back, leaving bloody trails. It was only moments before she found her release in his arms, her body going ridged as she pulsed around him crying out in pleasure. Klaus felt her orgasm and sped up his thrusts allowing himself to come with her, spilling his seed into her body leaving them both breathless and panting.

He felt his body relax, his anger drained away.The relationship between the original hybridNiklaus Mikaelson and the vampireCaroline Forbes first began on antagonistic terms. They first interacted in Our Townwhen Tyler accidentally bit Caroline after being ordered to do so by Klaus, who was trying to get back at Stefan through his love for Elena. Although Tyler refused to intentionally bite Caroline, he still ended up nipping her on accident as a result of his sire bond to Klaus.

Afterwards, Klaus went to Caroline's house and asked her motherLizto invite him into their home so he could heal her. When Klaus visited Caroline's bedroom, he showed a soft, empathetic side to his usually hostile and aggressive character. Klaus discovered that it was actually her birthday, and though Caroline assumed he would leave her to die, Klaus, showing genuine compassion, insisted that he wouldn't, especially considering the fact that it was her special day.

Klaus gave her a choice and told her he didn't have to heal her if she didn't want to continue living. After Caroline confessed that she did not want to die, he healed her using his blood and wished her a happy birthday. He then left her a diamond bracelet in a box on her nightstand as a birthday gift. From there on, Klaus displays a genuine affection for Caroline, and his attraction and feelings for her continued to grow as the series went on.

Klaus wanted to show her the world and believes that one day, she'll let him do so. He also stated that he intends to be her last love, no matter how long it takes, and moved to New Orleans to settle down with his soon-to-be-born daughter and his surviving siblings.

After returning to Mystic Falls to see the supposed death of KatherineKlaus was seen walking in the woods with Caroline, where he asked her to be honest about her feelings for him, promising that afterward, he would walk away and never return.

Caroline, finally accepting that they have a connection, admitted as much to Klaus, which led them to have sex for the first and, so far, only time. When it was over, Klaus promised to never come back, but let his offer for her to come find him in the future if she was ready just in case.

When Caroline went on the run from Rayna Cruz with her twin daughters, Josie and Lizzieshe decided to go to New Orleansboth because she believed Klaus could help keep her safe and because of the St. James Infirmarya bar protected against magic.

When Josie asked her where they were going, Caroline explained that they were going to New Orleans "to visit Mommy's friend. This worried her greatly. About a decade after that, she told Klaus that the reason that she went to look for him straight away, was because she knew deep down that he was never the villain in her story. They are referred to as " Klaroline " by fans. Caroline and Klaus had no interactions with each other in Season Two at all, although Caroline first heard about Klaus from Elena in the episode: Katerina.

Klaus, however, intended to use Caroline as the vampire in the sacrifice to break the Hybrid Curse at Katherine 's suggestion. Caroline was supporting him, as he was her boyfriend at the time, and he was appears to be dying from the transition. Klaus then walked into the room, and fed Tyler Elena's blood - that's when he and Caroline saw each other for the first time.

Klaus and Caroline

In Our Townduring Caroline's birthday, Tyler accidentally bites her long after Klaus' request for him to do so, which he had previously refused to do. Immediately after the incident, Tyler tells Klaus. Klaus arrives at the Forbes' home to help Caroline, requesting Liz 's support in exchange for her inviting him in to cure her daughter. Liz lets him in and Klaus enters Caroline's room, after which she questions whether or not he'd come to kill her.

He asks her if she thinks that low of him to kill her on her birthday, to which she responds "Yes. He comments that he loves birthdays, and Caroline rebuffs his comment, rhetorically asking him if he was a billion years old or so. He tells her that she'd have to adjust her perception of time due to the fact that she is now a vampire, and to celebrate that she is no longer bound by trivial human conventions.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

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The girls knew they were breaking a Rule, and look at Klaus worriedly. Klaus sighs. Clearly you want us to leave the country. Leaving you all here, alone, without chaperone, for a week - perhaps two. The daughters of the most terrifying Headmistress and powerful Hybrid in like, the world, probably, live up to their legacy. He casts aside his paintbrush, seeing as his hour of peace has no chance of being recovered.

With business now concluded, Caroline finds herself wondering what her future will hold. And just what role she wants Sir Klaus Mikaelson to play. Drabble Update: "Return to the Mothertrailer. Klaroline romantic comedy drabble series that all take place in the same universe in which Klaus and Caroline run an upscale rehab where insanity is the norm and unresolved sexual tension their only medicine.

Caroline was totally enjoying her normal predictable life. Really, she was! And then Klaus, a New York doctor with an attitude problem, came and ruined it. Who comes out of nowhere to take over their estranged dead father's medical practice, anyway?

Weirdos, that's who. She hated him, but like, at least he was cute to look at. His one good quality. Just because she was on a very strict no-jerk-boyfriend diet doesn't mean she can't look at the menu, right? She wants him too, but this is delightful.

Deciding that she was done with Mystic Falls and all the supernatural drama that comes with it, Caroline leaves town. She leaves the friends who never really put her first. She leaves her cheating boyfriend and leaves behind everything she thought she knew about herself.

klaus and caroline fanfiction claimed

Yet, over time she begins to grow closer to a certain hybrid, who despite putting thousands of miles between them, she just could not get out from under her skin. Because in the end, when that crown was placed on your head, you are a liar if you claim that it was necessary.

klaus and caroline fanfiction claimed

She was supposed to be researching for a story. Instead she ended up in a dragon's lair. He's a freaking dragon. He'd lost, Elijah had won with not even a speck of dirt on him, and the Original siblings, the losersElijah allows a moment for such kitsch and all had quietened for the moment. Apart from her asshole boss, Caroline loves and is successful at her job at the 5 star luxury hotel Hybrid Inn.

A man would not stop her from pursuing her dream of one day becoming the manager of such a hotel, but when a new guest is checking in, she has a hard time maintaining professionalism. When Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes cross paths at an airport during a snow storm on Christmas Eve their initial dislike for each other turns into a mutually beneficial arrangement.

When Caroline Forbes and Klaus Mikaelson find themselves stuck in an elevator on Valentine's Day they don't realize just how much their initial attraction could lead to a serious conflict of interest.

Klaroline supernatural AU multi-chap.


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